Artist statement

I am a storyteller. For the past ten years I have created visual narratives that speak of the destruction of the natural world and the dislocation of its remaining inhabitants, children and domestic animals. The genesis of these tales is my own childhood, one filled with transience and disruption as my family moved back and forth across the Atlantic and back and forth across the USA. Home was a concept not a structure. We shed houses and friends as if they were clothes, sealing our pared down possessions in cardboard boxes anticipating another beginning in another place. And when the wake of relocation brought waves of foam, flotsam, and pearls, I sorted through them alone, an outsider in strange lands. It was an unsettling childhood yet filled with wonder and beauty. It seeps into my present life bubbling up to the surface in my art as I search for meaning in the debris of the future, a world of environmental degradation and forced migration, a world steeped in the garbage of rampant consumerism formed from the union of insatiable desires and economic desperation. My work does not illustrate a written narrative nor is it intended to be didactic although I hope it fosters contemplation, an appreciation of mystery and a desire to take action in aid of others and the planet. 

artist bio

Born in Margate, England. Lives in Los Angeles with fellow artist & husband, Greg Rose, and their cat, Finbar.